Posted by: Guna | October 9, 2007

I heard His voice

I heard His voice

O Lazarus, what was it like?
In the tomb, dark and bound.
No light and no life.
What did you feel?
What did you do?
That you could walk out of the tomb.

Dead indeed, and without life.
There laid I, cold as the stone.
I heard not my sisters cries,
Nor that of all who mourned with them.
What could I do, how could I feel?
How can the dead, revive himself?

But through the silence of the tomb,
I heard a voice, it called my name!
“COME FORTH!”, it said, my body shook.
The darkness fled, the cold was gone!
The only tell, that I was dead,
Was the graveclothes, which still clung on.

‘Twas Jesus! He had tears on His face,
The Resurrection and the Life, He wept for me?
My Lord and My God, how could He love me so?
I cannot explain how He did it, dead one moment, alive another.
All I know, I heard His voice.




  1. this is lovely.

  2. Thank you!
    I think i broke every rule of poetry writing. haha…
    Everytime i read it, there’s something to improve.
    But something tells me to leave it in its ‘raw’ state.

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